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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Human endeavor's diversity and eternal consequences

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.
“Certainly, your efforts and deeds are diverse (different in aims and purposes).” Q92:4.

If powerful universe comes close to altering most occurrences of past, there goes one aspect of human existence that cannot be changed in history of man, which is his origination, rooted to one source of single human’s genealogical chronology, directly linked to first creation of man, Adam (AS), and that of woman, Hawwa (Eve).
Of unification of man’s genealogical chronology calls for an inherent need for a fusion of purposes and aims especially as it relates to the impact of human endeavors on the society.
Alas, such aspect of aspiration that could have made planet earth a better place to live in, has been thwarted first by the other son of Adam, Qabil (Cain), and now, by many thoughtless actions of humans, generations after generations.
Whereas, Allaah (Azza Wajal) thus related story of the two sons of Adam (AS) in the 27th-28th verses of the 5th chapter of the Qur’an when He says flawlessly:
“And (O Muhammad SAW) recite to them (the Jews) the story of the two sons of Adam [Habil (Abel) and Qabil (Cain)] in truth when each offered a sacrifice (to Allaah), it was accepted from one but not from the other. The latter (Cain) said to the former (Abel): “I will surely kill you.” The former said: “Verily, Allaah accepts only from those who are the pious. If you do stretch your hand against me to kill me, I shall never stretch my hand against you to kill you; for I fear Allaah; the Lord of the ‘Alamin (Mankind, Jinns, and all that exists)”.
The synopsis of the above verses sheds light on the fact that human efforts and deeds are diverse and this line of thought, was equally favored by ibn Katheer in his Qura’nic exegesis and in Jalalyn also, that the actions of humans are opposite and diverse, describing actions of two groups or sets of people those who do good and another, attaining evil.
Daily, man wakes up, sets out to accomplish certain aim (s), some with a touch of good intention and moral drive to make the world a better place for other fellow inhabitants of the earth to peacefully live in because obviously he is not satisfied with the way human race degenerates thereby seeking for the pleasure of his Creator (Allaah), while another stands with a sinister agenda to unleash terror, immorality, corruption, seeking thereby the destruction of human race either through the instruments of terror or immorality, because to such set of group, morality is relative thus, seeing nothing wrong in their evil deeds.
The concept of moral relativism as was philosophized by its proponents favors the notion that right and wrong are not to be seen as absolute values but rather dependent on individual’s circumstances or cultural orientation. This idea has plunged planet earth deeper into the quagmire of incessant social, moral, spiritual and physical catastrophes.
Conceptually, the fact that the person that wears a bikini or moves around topless is immoral according to the tenets of Islam does not mean that it is absolutely immoral to the group championing the slogans that advocate for topless societies.
Logic of a person who also puts a strap of explosives on thereby killing innocent souls, doing so after being inwardly convinced and thoroughly brainwashed that he was embarking on a rewarding mission, paints the ugly image of how diverse our aims and purposes are.
Any human with a certain degree of attachment to morality (in the true sense of the word), should appreciate the reality of the effects of his or her endeavors on the overall stability and progress of planet earth.
It is imperative for humans to gather their thoughts before embarking on any endeavor, to ascertain its benefit to the society in regards to how it affects the lives of individuals and communities and even generations yet unborn.
The greatest injustice any human can met out against another is to initiate an endeavor that will not only affect his generation but its evil consequences will not spare generations yet unborn.
Some justify their corrupt practices on the basis of flimsy excuses that the government does not provide the basic needs for its citizens, some latch on to the ripple effect of “everyone does it”.
While some people engage themselves productively by pursuing legitimate endeavors such as acquiring beneficial knowledge in various fields, establishing businesses, formulating policies, and proffering solutions to the most pressing issues, seeking thereby to impart positively on the society and worshiping their Creator (Allaah) with diligence and constant thought of the horrors of the Day of accountability; sadly, others are busy scheming on how to outrace one another in drug-trafficking, illicit relationships, disbelief, corruption, immorality, mutual rivalry in wealth acquisition just to maintain an elite status in the society or just to please the lower desires totally oblivious of the Day that is ‘Abus and Qamtarir (“a hard and distressful day, that will make the faces look humble from extreme dislike to it” Tafseer of ibn Katheer).‎
Then it becomes incumbent on human to know that he or she has the opportunity to make the world a better place to live in if only they could be among those who do good at all times and work on leaving behind excellent legacy.
In conclusion, Allaah says in the glorious Qur’an in His inimitable style regarding our various endeavors and His knowledge of them that:
“The day when man shall remember what he strove for” Q79:35.
Likewise, Allaah has confirmed His unending pleasure on those whose endeavors are good, provided they die as believers in Islamic Monotheism devoid of shirk, bid’ah and dodgy aqa’id (creeds) when He says:
(And it will be said to them): Verily, this is a great reward for you, and your endeavor has been accepted. Q76:22.
Our diverse endeavors will either take us to Jannah (pradise) or to Jahannam (hell fire).
May Allaah inspire us on the path of good endeavors and may He accept our endeavors.‎