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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Is violence a tool in Islam the religion of peace?

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

"The Sahabah (RA) did not only memorize the Qur'an but also its meaning from the Prophet (Pbuh)." Ibn Abi al'Iz al-Hanafi

In the wake of series of violence across the globe with the "Muslims" always featuring in the equation, the natural question in the minds of many people would be to ascertain if really Islam is a religion of violence and rightfully so.

Well, intellectuals and great thinkers of sincere background and scholarship have discussed and written extensively on this issue to demystify the notion that Islam is a religion spread by the sword. I'm definitely not going to delve into that.

What in the Name of Allaah are we doing in the Name of Islam? ‎
We have an in-house monster and that's sectarianism.

Islam as a Divine Religion has been perfected and completed 1400 years ago long before the idea of conceiving anyone of us living in this era was put in place. I quoted above the statement of ibn Abi al-'Iz al-Hanafi to lay the foundation for this line of thought.

We live in an era where many groups are cropping up all in the name of Islam and our issues are ever on the increase but we all know that Islam is one religion, a religion of unity and this unity is the unification of all acts of 'Ibadah, Manhaj (mathodolgy) and stands on issues regarding the creed itself.‎

The yardstick is always: Did Allaah command it? how did the Prophet (Pbuh) explained it? how did the Sahabah understood and applied it? And how does the contemporary society fit into the Islamic model not how does Islam fit into the contemporary society. ‎
What was not seen as Islam during the unique Qur'anic generation (the generation of the Sahabah, then of the followers and the followers of the followers) cannot be seen as Islam during this confused generation of ours.

Whoever derails from the understanding of the Sahabah (RA) regarding Islam is following his desires and he who follows his desires, whims and caprices is sinning and is misled and will mislead.

We must be willing to do the type of Islam the Prophet (Pbuh) and his companions (RA) died upon because that is the legitimate Islam and Qur'an cannot be understood without the aid of the Sunnah of the Prophet (Pbuh) and the Sunnah without the narrations of the Sahabah. So it's a chain without a missing link.

The owner of the house knows what belongs in the house what belongs not in the house, so any strange thing coming in will have to undergo rigorous checks before given access.

It is incumbent upon the Muslims to speak out against any deviant sect derailing from the path of established Sunnah because if they don't they will suffer the consequences of negative propaganda against the pristine nature of Islam.‎

It's a brainwashing system and the first step is to term those preaching the true Islam as evil so that their recruits won't have access to the truth.

Poverty and lustful desires have been used as a convenient tool to lure a lot of people into deviant sects misleading them from the path Jannah. 

The historical evidence proves that issues started arising in Islam when others entered into the fold of Islam to destroy it from within. We might need to refresh our history memory and study the genesis of each of these deviant sects.

‎Qur'an has clearly stated in more than one place that it addresses  men of intellect, so we should not blind follow and we should strive to be from among the men of intellect. It's baffling to see an intellectual promoting deviant ideology all in the name of Islam.

‎Whatever we are doing, we should not be blinded, employ the evidences of revelation with reasoning to create a balance and don't fall for the leaders of deviant sects that sit on the road to Jannah to reroute you with their flowery speeches and illogical logics.

‎We can't just have a cup of tea and say any "rubbish" and call it Islam and even invite multiple followers to accept it. People must be given the freedom to learn the truth.‎
Violence destroys and undermines the rights of others while ‎Islam emphasizes on the rights of others so anything that infringes on the rights of others be they Muslims or non-muslims is not Islamic.

We must be willing to speak the truth, Islam never teaches violence as a fundamental of the Deen. 

‎We live in an era where the voice of falsehood is amplified and that of truth is suppressed and marginalized. ‎
‎Whatever leads to civil unrest, fracas and mayhem should and must be avoided even for Islam to flourish. Islam has spelt out rules of engagement and it will interest the world that the Prophet (Pbuh) killed only one person with his own hand and that's Ubay ibn Khalaf on the day of Uhud. He did not kill anyone else with his own hand before or after that. Ibn Taymiyah has this in Minhaaj as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah 8/57

Unless we stop promoting our personal agenda hiding under the pretext of Islam, sectarianism will consume us first by taking away a high percentage of the Muslim population to deviant ideologies and secondly by radicalizing these innocently brainwashed Muslims. We have no option but to follow the established Sunnah if we want to live a happy life in both the worlds.

I urge my fellow Muslims not to resort to violence in whatever form, truth does not need violence as a vehicle to covey it. 

I'm a traveller and I guess we all are, and we all have Allaah to answer to. The muslims should and must be willing to preach the true Islam and must be willing to shy away from misleading people for a miserable price of this world.

May Allaah cool off the embers of violence looming in the horizon and make peace our garb. ‎

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