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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Protecting our words

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. 

Abu Hamid al-Ghazali said: "To insist on using one's intellect or reason without the aid of revelation is similar to a person moving around with their eyes open but in the dark. Likewise, to insist on following the guidance of revelation without the assistance of reason, is similar to a person moving around in broad daylight, with their eyes shut. Both reason and revelation are gifts from Allaah to guide us, so both should be used together to gain true insight."

Today we the Muslims find ourselves living in an illusion of an intellectually driven era where everyone claims scholarship without having scholars as tutors, where everyone assumes the platform of a public and religious commentator without insight and where opinions are formed from uninformed perspectives. 

The dangers of all these are alarming and they require a serious Divine intervention otherwise we will lose the coming generation nay our generation to something that looks like Islam but far from Islam.

Some thinkers said that if you want to destroy a nation, detach them completely from the history of their predecessors.

‎Islam teaches that we remain silent if we don't have knowledge regarding an issue. The hearing, the sight and the heart will be questioned by Allaah.

‎When we know our unadulterated history as Muslims, we will appreciate what is, and we will have a peep into what is yet to come and this will make us the true Muslims that we ought to be.

An intelligent man speaks when he's exposed to the details of an issue lest he regrets his utterances and actions or inaction.

Don't say you know when in reality you don't know, don't say you heard when in reality you've not heard don't say you saw when you didn't see.

Don't follow the majority in making comments when an issue comes up, be smart enough to understand the reality of the matter lest you regret.

We must guard strictly our utterances because they may mislead others if not made with sincerity and from an informed perspective. 

Sometimes the oppressor or the perpetrator of a sin assumes a "victim mode" and when you make comments out of ignorance you might ignite unrest by creating unnecessary sympathy for the oppressor through silencing of the voice of truth.

Knowledge and wisdom are key requisites to sanity and peaceful coexistence. 

In this world where everyone is desperately competing to come across intelligent and learned, we lose a lot of Muslims to dodgy aqeedah (bid'atic and satanic creed in the name of Islam).‎

I fear for our generation, instead of learning Islam in its pristine form we depend on our intellects and emotions to make religious statements.
‎We need sanity to reign and not emotions to dominate. Sanity can only reign if the Muslims are equipped with the right knowledge and sincerity.

‎We must consider the pleasure of Allaah first in whatever we do, don't do because people are doing, do because you have knowledge thereof.

Oh Muslims! Be on guard lest you derail from the path of Sunnah. Wallah! Allaah can tolerate deficiency in our acts but Allaah does not tolerate deficiency in Aqeedah (creed, faith).‎

‎My message to one and all is that for the sake of Allaah Whose Pleasure we all seek, don't say a thing if you can't defend it here and Hereafter.

Let me echo the supplication of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal as captured in 
Al-bidaayah wan-nihaayaah:‎

"O' Allaah, whoever from this Ummah that is not upon the truth, but thinks he is upon the truth, then bring him back to the truth so that he becomes from the people of truth."‎

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