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Monday, 4 January 2016

Journey of the soul series: Barzakh V (soul of a disbelieving or disobedient servant)

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. 

"As for the one who joins partners with Allaah, it is as if he plunges down from the skies--whereupon birds snatch him off, or the wind casts him away to a remote place (from Allaah's mercy)." Q 22:31

Whatever man sows that he shall reap and there's no escape from this natural law. This is a common statement among one and all. 

Previously, the journey of the soul of a believer and an obedient servant was explained in details and any man with sane and balanced understanding will yearn to be honored with such reception the moment he dies. However, the opposite of this is that of the disbelieving or disobedient servant whose life was dominated with disobedience and oppression against self. The Prophet (Pbuh) thus explained in details the justice of Allaah in rewarding and punishing. As we continue with the series, below is what happens the moment Allaah denies the soul of the sinful servant entry into the gates of the heaven.
Al Bara'a bin Azib (RA) further narrated in the hadith recorded in the Musnad of Ahmad, Sunan of Abu Dawud and others (authenticated by al-Albani in Sahih ul-Jami) that the Prophet (Pbuh) said:

"His soul (the disbelieving or disobedient servant's soul that was cast down from the heavens without regard) is restored to his body, so that he hears the thumping of his companions' shoes as they walk away from his grave.

Two angels of severe reprimand come to him and shake him. They make him sit up, and ask him, "Who is your Lord?" He replies, "Alas, alas, I do not know!" They ask him, "What is your Din?" He replies, "Alas, alas, I do not know!" They ask him, "Who is that man who was sent to you?" He cannot recall his name, and he is told, "(His name is) Muhammad!" He says, "Alas, alas, I do not know. I just heard the people say that." He is then told, "You did not know; and you did not recite (the Qur'an)!" A caller calls from the heaven, "He lies! So spread for him furnishings from the Fire; and open for him a door to the Fire." Thus its heat and fierce hot wind reach him; and his grave is tightened around him, causing his ribs to break.

Before him appears a man with ugly face, repulsive clothes, and a foul smell; he says, "I am to give you evil tidings that will displease you. This is the day that you have been promised." He responds, "evil tidings from Allaah be to you too! Who are you? Your face is one that brings evil." He says, "I am your malicious deeds. By Allaah, I only knew you slow in obeying Allaah, and quick in disobeying Him. May Allaah repay you with evil."

A blind, deaf, and dumb person is appointed for him. He carries in his hand a sledgehammer that, if it hits a mountain, would turn it to dust. He hits him (with it) once; and he becomes dust. Allaah then restores him as he was; and the person hits him again; he sounds a shriek that is heard by everything except men and jinns.

A door is opened for him to the Fire; and he is given the furnishings from the Fire. He then says, "O my Lord! Do not establish the Hour."

This brings us to the end of the hadith.

Brothers and sisters in Islam, we either experience the journey that takes the soul to the seven heavens to meet Allaah well pleased with it if we remain steadfast in His obedience or we take the path that the soul of the disbelieving or disobedient servant travels which ends in destruction even before it starts.

A man will be subjected to a psychological torture in trying to answer the simplest questions (for the pious servants of Allaah) but nay the most severe questions (for the wicked souls) ever to be asked. 

Everyone will agree to the fact that it's more painful if one sits for an examination and sees a question whose answer he knows but cannot remember than to see a question whose answer he knows not. This disbelieving or disobedient servant will try to recall his knowledge of Islam, the Lord he ought to have served and the Prophet he ought ot have followed but his memory will fail him. This failure will be as a result of his deliberate rejection of truth and stringent adherence to falsehood. 

In the grave, the believing and obedient servant of Allaah desires that Judgement Day be fast-tracked after being exposed to the great bounty and everlasting pleasures kept in wait for him in Jannah (Paradise) while the disbelieving and disobedient servant will wish that Judgement Day never be established after realizing how impossible it is for him to escape the severest of punishments that will last forever.

Brothers and sisters, I ask Allaah to bless this series and to be a source of reformation for many and to accept it as a pious deed from me and any such person that will take it as a reforming tool and spread to others in order for us to be familiar with the two inevitable paths the soul of humans take the moment it departs from the body.

If we are a nation that think, ponder and reflect, then sufficient has been disseminated.

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May Allaah privilege us with a good stay in this world, a wonderful stay in the grave and a favorable decision in the Hereafter.‎

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