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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Tears of Hijab

I'm for modesty only, yet I'm frowned at
I'm for protection only, yet I'm unsecured
I'm for the believers only, yet I'm challenged

I came as a symbol of liberation, yet got enslaved
I came as a bearer of chastity,yet got unchaste
I came as a concept of women's status, yet got debased

I was here since 1400 years ago, yet I'm estranged
I was here on the command of the Creator, yet I'm opposed
I was here as a full garb, yet I'm skinned

The world has united against me
Yet I triumph patiently
The world sees me as a threat
Yet I'm harmless naturally
The world promotes nudity passionately
Yet condemns me vociferously

O dear world! I'll not succumb to your pressure
For I live for my Creator's pleasure
And I'm ready to withstand your displeasure

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